KMS Activation in Azure

When deploying a new VM in Azure we noticed that some of them failed to Activate their license as it was not able to locate the KMS service (Microsoft’s KMS, not an internal server.  

Microsoft support advised me to create a User Defined Route (UDR) for their KMS server which has an IP of

In Azure browse to ‘Route Tables’ and click ‘Add’

2018-05-31 08_44_33-Clipboard

Here you create the route table – In this case I named it rt-kms-activation, once created click on it > click ‘Routes’ > click Add

2018-05-31 08_51_38-Routes - Microsoft Azure

Now we add the individual routes – I name it ‘kms-traffic’ and configured it as below:

2018-05-31 08_54_56-Edit route - Microsoft Azure

So here we are defining the route to say any traffic destined for will take the next hop to the Internet and in our case Egressed straight out of the Azure Data Center Internet connection.

I then ‘Associated’ the route table to a test subnet I had a inactivated VM in:

2018-05-31 08_59_22-Subnets - Microsoft Azure

Now it was time to test if I could activate the VM by using the Slmgr.vbs /ato command

2018-05-31 09_01_52-Clipboard

As you can see the product activated successfully, as this point you an unassociate the Route from the subnet if you wish.