Azure Site Recovery 2008R2 VM Migration Workaround

I recently worked on a big project which involved migrating 100+ vm’s and physical boxes to Azure and we had a mix of 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2012R2 OS.

We opted to use Azure Site Recovery (ASR) for the migration, but this method does not support 2008R2.  Not a big deal I thought, I can P2V using the likes of disk2vhd, manually upload the vhd to a storage blob in no time  with Express Route over public peering and then run a script to create a VM. However this process was time consuming and some of our less experienced engineers were not so comfortable with this method.

I found a work around where we can use ASR with 2008R2 VM’s, however note that you will require a process server to be configured – more info can be found here. Also this post is assuming that the ASR Infrastructure and replication policies have been configured in Azure.

Note that this method is not officially supported by Microsoft and I recommend to test this this in a non-production environment.

We will essentially trick ASR into thinking that its migrating a physical 2008R2 box using the process server – rather than a VM.

We need to manually install an agent which can be obtained from the process server located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Azure Site Recovery\home\svsystems\pushinstallsvc\repository

Once the agent has been installed we can go on to setup replication by selecting a Physical Box in Azure and inputting the hostname and IP address.  You will now see the replication process kick off as any other physical box.